Here’s What People are Saying…


Mona and Jay Freedman are dynamic as co-presenters.  They were engaging and honest as they delivered important lessons regarding their life changing experience.
Audience Member, America’s Small Business Development Center’s Conference, Long Beach, CA

A lot of emotion, honesty, and a little embarrassment all mixed together to make a great presentation. Sometimes good people get taken advantage of and fall into a trust trap. This is what happened to a small local Maryland non profit organization and for profit business. Owners owned both. very interesting and informative!
Business Coach, Washington DC

Thank you Mona and Jay for your presentation at the Dayton Fraud, Cyber and Ethics conference. Your presentation was well received! We really appreciated you sharing your story at our conference and through your book. You took our audience through your small business nightmare and tried to prevent it from happening to us
Vic Hartman, Dayton Fraud, Cyber and Ethics Conference, Oct. 2021


Protect yourself!

Milestone Media Group and its sister non-profit company, Caring Communities, were victims of a huge theft/fraud scheme from 2006 through 2015. The crimes were perpetrated by a closely trusted employee who was in charge of the accounting system, all bookkeeping, as well as all payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. This person was found guilty of stealing nearly $500,000 and served a nine-month sentence in jail. There are some very specific—yet routine—tasks that will help any small business avoid a similar fate. Hear from the owners about what steps need to be taken to protect all business owners. These elements include helpful tips from financial operations and human resources to hiring practices and risk management.

What your group will learn:
After this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify weaknesses in routine procedures that make small businesses vulnerable to theft and fraud
  • Identify steps that many small business owners can take to reduce risk
  • Assess who is checking the checker—trust and betrayal
  • Demonstrate doing the business of the business

Who Should Attend:
Accountants, lawyers, fraud examiners, small business coaches, small business owners and managers, college students and entrepreneurs who would like to hear real-life examples of fraud schemes, what went wrong, how to collect evidence, and how to lessen the risk of loss.