A Snake In The Office


In 2015, immediately after they were forced to sell their Maryland home because they were drowning in debt, Mona and Jay Freedman discovered an awful truth. Their companies, the ones they built from scratch, the ones that provided them with all their income, had fallen victim to a huge fraud/theft scheme, eventually proving to total more than half a million dollars. Their bookkeeper and trusted right hand, a middle-aged married mother of four, perpetrated a labyrinth scheme during a nine-year period. She relentlessly drove Mona and Jay to the edge of financial ruin. A soul-bearing, gut-wrenching memoir, cautionary tale, and solid business primer, A Snake in the Office takes the reader into a family’s small business nightmare. This story describes the bookkeeper’s crimes and how she avoided detection for nine years, how to prevent something similar from happening to you, and how to detect theft and fraud right now in your small business.



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